10 Ways To Stay Energetic all Day


10 ways to Stay Energetic All Day We’ve all been there – you wake up early in the morning, feel sluggish, pound a cup of coffee, feel a bit better… but then before you know it your energy levels have dropped and you’re feeling fatigued. All that and it’s not even noon.

If that sounds like a typical day for you, read on for some great ways to keep your energy level on the up and up. There’s no reason you should have to feel tired all the time.

10 Ways to Stay Energetic All Day

1. Exercise. If you do only one thing to keep your energy levels up, it should be exercise. Take a mid-morning and mid-afternoon walk to energize your entire day. Vary your routine to keep your mind engaged.

2. Listen to music. If you’re feeling tired or thinking about skipping your workout, grab your iPod and listen to your favorite tunes to help you forget your sleepiness and get moving. Music is a powerful motivator.

3. Get enough sleep. This is obvious but not always easy. If insomnia is the reason you’re tired during the day, try reading a book before bed, drinking tea with Valerian root, and abstaining from caffeine after 4pm. If your insomnia lingers, see your physician.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.
Eating lean protein, fruits and vegetables in lieu of carbohydrates will help sustain your energy levels. Aim for only 3-4 servings of whole grain carbs a day – skip the white bread all together.

5. Wake up at the same time every day. Getting into a regular sleep-wake rhythm will do wonders for you as far as energy is concerned. Your body likes to be on a set schedule and will reward you for it.

6. Don’t stress out. Stress and anxiety are major energy suckers. Stay relaxed and focused by taking short “mental health” breaks throughout the day. Meditate and/or think of positive things and breathe deeply.

7. Afternoon caffeine boost. Most people drink caffeine in the morning but drinking a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon can help your body and mind fight afternoon fatigue.

8. Get some fresh air. Nothing drains energy faster than sitting in a stuffy room with stale air. Get outside a few times a day – or at the very least, open a window and inhale the breeze.

9. Keep fresh flowers or a plant on your desk. Psychologists have noted that accenting a room with fresh flowers or a colorful plant (or two) can boost energy and mood levels.

10. Don’t snooze. As hard as it may be, waking up when your alarm goes off the first time is essential to staying energized for the rest of the day. Hitting the snooze button over and over does nothing but make you feel groggy – a feeling that tends to linger.

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